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Expert Secrets by Russell Brunson

The Expert Secrets Book by Russell Brunson

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In the next expert secrets section Russell (Brunson of Clickfunnels) covers the question you need to answer to get started:

“Who do i want to serve?”

His point here is it is essential that you understand WHO your market is.  WHO you are helping.

He breaks down the common markets into health, wealth, and relationships.

But go after these?  Too broad.
Better to find a niche right?

Well.  Yes and no.

The problem is:  going after a niche is well known these days.  Everybody is doing that.

So while it used to be that youd find a niche nobody was in and you'd have an audience… now there may already be too many people in that niche… all going after the same customers.  So its a huge violent bloody feeding frenzy all for the same potential customers?

So what do you do?

Here he suggests you find a niche of a niche and OWN that.    I believe he breaks it down into market-submarket-niche but the concept is the same.

If you find just YOUR area, own it, and dont bloody the other submarkets and niches… then you can start working together with like-minded individuals in other niches.  A symbiotic relationship is made, and you are both likely to have an easier time getting customers.

There are plenty of examples in the real world for this and the author covers a number of them in the book.

So again,  watch all my videos and get everything you can from them, but i highly recommend you go to to get your own copy of the book.   I'm giving you the broad strokes but there is a TON of valuable info in there that you will likely benefit from.

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