Expert secrets russell - study guide episode 3

Expert Secrets Russell (Clickfunnels Book)

Expert Secrets by Russell (Clickfunnels Book)

Here is Episode 3.  Enjoy!



  • Expert Secrets Book here —

    Why do you need to become a leader?

    People secretly want to be led.  That's the premise in this section.

    Ok.  So how do you lead?  More importantly. How do you lead ethically and of maximum value and service?

    Russell discusses the concept of “the attractive character” in this section.

    I believe he first introduced this idea, and goes into great detail
    About it in his first book.

    You can get that book if you don't already have it at:

    Its worth knowing because it is the foundation of your appeal as a successful business owner, or marketer.  And it applies to nearly every business and industry out there.

    In “Expert Secrets,” Rusell builds on it to encourage you to:

    Be the leader and live the life others want. Lead by example.
    Maintain absolute certainty, and…
    Dont. Be. Boring.

    He goes into detail on each of those
    And adds a very impressive section on persuasion that you just have to see for yourself.

    Suffice it to say:   You can do it too.  You just havent known about it before because people who know about it have been keeping this secret quiet, and frankly its time to level the playing field on this one dont you think?

    Get it at


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