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When I first started website design, I spent more time worrying about what the layout should be for a particular page than what the content should be. While I'm sure the content will always trump the layout in the eyes of the search engines, you can always have a great looking layout without an awful lot of content.

The good news is that the content doesn't have to be that hard to write. I know I wrote way more than I needed to when I first started out.

Here's some tips for writing content that gets the search engines excited and can help your site get to the top of the search results page.

Keep it Short

You'll see me advocating keeping your page length at around 1500 characters or less. This works well for both the search engines and your visitors as they're able to scan the content quite easily. That's a longer page than Facebook, Yahoo, Bing and most other website. You can do this by using subheadings and bulleted lists to lead your reader to more interesting content.

Keep it Real

Be careful about mixing business with play. You want to keep the two separate and make sure to always point out the differences between yourself and your competition. In the end, you want your site to reflect your company. You want your visitors to feel that you're actually a professional company and you want them to believe that because you've put the work in to make them feel that way. The same can be said for your content. If you make it look fake or unprofessional, people won't be interested in reading it as it doesn't seem genuine.

Mention relevant keywords

You'll want to make sure you're keywords are relevant to what your site is all about. It's hard to understand why you'd want to confuse your customers by doing something like not mentioning your keywords in your content. No one will use it other than the people who build the content. You should be using them to point your readers to the right content and not confuse them. If you use the right keywords in your content, the search engines will pick it up and index it. Need to find the right keywords? You can always try something like this.

Keep it Easy

Did you know that there are astounding advancements lately with AI (artificial intelligence)? It's true. Sometimes the computers can write your articles for you.

Here's a little secret… the majority of this article was written that way!

A couple content tools I use and recommend are:

Of course you want to make your content as good as possible. That's part of the overall web design. It's nice to keep it easy, too, though. Right?

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